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Artist Singer Musician Composer


For bookings of my

Performance multimedia

show, e-mail me at

or use my contact site.


AnnaK work with multimedia and you can watch this movie while I play Live, my song "What will you do with all your success when the whole world is falling apart!? Warmly Welcome to my Shows!

Check out my new video at Youtube,

Anna K did her Live multimedis Show at Nobba Brass & Nubbe Saturday 2 of September.

AnnaK has performed at Bonden Bar 20 of July at a Live Electronic Event with Håkan Mellqvist, Castillo, Per Boysen and some other artists.

AnnaK performed at Fylkingen in a Art Event on February 4th, 2017.

DISCOMFORT was a 3-day performance workshop, organized by Hans Christian van Nijkerk and Hiroko Tsuchimoto, which took place at Fylkingen in early February of 2017. The result of this collaborative project was presented as a performance event at Fylkingen the following day where the workshop participants presented their works.

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