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AnnaK live at Lilla Wien Tuesday

24 of October Swedenborgsgatan 20, inside South Station.

Open mic starts 7.00 pm optional entry,

Warmly Welcome!

AnnaK will have her Show at Funkadelic Studios, Times Square, NYC this year, she has been working in corporation with Funkadelic Studios in New York for many years. We are glad to support her  upcoming Show for us in 2019. The Bohemian Queeen works with experimental music and art performance in a unique combination.

We warmly welcome you to AnnaKs faschinating Show this year.


AnnaK has performade at Fylkingen 4th of February the legendary place for experimental music since 1933 in Stockholm.

AnnaK took part of DISCOMFORT a project by Hans Christian van Nijkerk and Hiroko Tsuchimoto. A 3-day performance workshop with this topic at Fylkingen between February 2nd -4th. The results of their collaboration in the form of a performance event at Fylkingen. The participants of the workshop will present their works in the same venue the following day.

You can watch  AnnaK at Fylkingen here,

Fylkingen - New Music and Intermedia Art is an artist-run venue and association for experimental music and art.

The association was founded in 1933 and currently consists of around 300 Swedish and international artists that develop and present new works at the Fylkingen space.

AnnaK will performe at NBN Södermalm
Date coming up soon!

AnnaK will introduce her Music and Art Sho in Stockholm at NBN Södermalm 2017. It will be a mix of music/art a combination of art performance and a music show. With inspiration from many artists espacilly Laurie Andersson, Lady Gaga and Yoko Ono.

Warmly Welcome to my Show!

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